Where sported. began

When Lord Seb Coe and Sir Keith Mills took their team to Singapore to bid for the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2005, they made a number of promises. The most ambitious of those promises was that if successful, they would use the Games to inspire disadvantaged young people around the world to use sport as a means of improving their lives.

sported. was founded in 2008 with a donation of £10million from Sir Keith Mills as his personal commitment to deliver on these important promises and to ensure a real legacy is left in the UK.

A significant piece of research was undertaken to establish where the gaps in sporting provision were in the UK and a picture began to emerge quickly - that there are several thousand small groups and clubs, predominantly run by volunteers,  that use sport as a means of engaging disadvantaged young people. These groups use sport to help young people stay away from crime, drugs, anti-social behaviour and other negative influences and help them improve their lives through education, training and jobs.

Historically, these inspirational groups are off the radar, have had to fend for themselves and often lack the business skills needed to ensure they are financially sustainable.

sported. now provides this support - through a UK wide network of Managers and volunteers, we support over 2,500 clubs with funding and business advice to help them grow and run their organisations to the best of their ability and enable them to reach and improve the lives of more disadvantaged young people than ever before.

This is how we change young people's lives through sport.