What is Sport for Development?

At sported. we focus our efforts on supporting Sport for Development work with disadvantaged young people. We define 'Sport for Development' as:


'Where sport is intended to be used as a tool to engage disadvantaged young people and communities, to help improve lives in a sustainable way'


We know that sport is being used in different ways in different contexts to change the lives of the young people so we concentrate our work on achieving the following outcomes:

  • 1. Building strong communities
    1. Improving community cohesion by tackling tensions both within and across communities
    2. Creating positive role models
  • 2. Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour
    1. Reducing the fear of crime
    2. Reduction in youth offending and re-offending rates
  • 3. Reducing barriers to regular participation for marginalised groups
    1. Increased regular participation amongst disadvantaged young people
    2. Increased regular participation amongst disabled young people
  • 4. Developing young people by providing them with skills for the workplace and life
    1. Increasing the number of young people staying in education or training
    2. Improved attendance and behaviour of young people within education
  • 5. Education in health and well being
    1. Reduced misuse of drugs and alcohol by young people
    2. Improved psychological health and emotional well-being amongst young people 

We recognise that Sport for Development work spans across both the Sport and social fields (e.g. youth, community, health, education, criminal justice etc) and so we aim to work with all sectors to ensure that our Members can realise the full potential of their programmes.